Lime Kiln Quay Road (Second Printing)

above/ground press has reprinted my chapbook Lime Kiln Quay Road. First published in May 2011, the book is a long poem about the time I spent living in a hamlet called Blaxhall, in Suffolk, England.

The cover image is a detail from a work by David Gentleman that appears in the Full Circle Editions reprint of Ask The Fellows Who Cut The Hay by George Ewart Evans. A Welsh-born writer and broadcaster, Evans moved to Blaxhall in 1948, residing with his wife in the schoolhouse. The schoolhouse would later be repurposed as a youth hostel; I was a member of its small staff for the summer of 2010, during which time the earliest of these poems were written.

To get your hands on a copy of Lime Kiln Quay Road, you can visit above/ground’s website, or come to any event/reading of mine in the near future, where there will surely be a little pile of them at the merch table.


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2 Responses to Lime Kiln Quay Road (Second Printing)

  1. omg u lived in ENGLAND??

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